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 the Orangerie 

The visit ends up at the Orangerie, a former summer lounge and an orangerie in winter. The charming room shelters pencil sketches in the plaster on either side of the door by Lautrec in 1895 : hunting scenes, circus scenes and several caricatures including the poet Verlaine’s, Oscar Wilde’s and his nurse’s Adeline. This place is transformed into a shop today. Take advantage of the original typical touch by Lautrec and of the tea room where you can taste a series of organic tea. This friendly place is finely decorated with numerous posters of the painter that you can buy. Take advantage of the terrace under the chestnut tree, discover and taste cakes and candies.

As much as possible, all our products are organic and respect environment. For example, we used Beldi blown glasses made of recycled bottles.

Le Château du Bosc - IMG_7547
Le Château du Bosc - IMG_7576
Le Château du Bosc - ©Segala-Vivant
Le Château du Bosc - IMG_7543
Le Château du Bosc - IMG_7519
Le Château du Bosc - IMG_7464
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